An ever-growing range of high-quality lighting products, engineered to your demands.

Thanks to our stock and assembly in the Netherlands, we are able to cut down on delivery time and meet the deadlines of your projects.


The Arcano is a modular 48V DC track system in black and white. You can get the track as a built-in, surface-mounted and suspended version. Anywhere in the track, various products can be placed. We have downlights for direct light, downlights opal for general lighting, directional spotlights in different sizes and light outputs and we have pendant luminaires in the shape of a tube and a sphere, the sphere version can be tilted.

The system is suitable for retail, hospitality and residential or office environments where a homely/welcoming feeling is important.



The Rinx is a series of luminaires for the office environment. With its special developed optics, the UGR is below 6, which is uniquely low. We have the Rinx in a grey, white and black version, the fixtures have up and downward light and this can be controlled separately with the standing fixture. We also have a version with Tunable White, which means that you can change from warm white to cool white.



The Versa is a modular series of recessed spots. You have two round sizes and two sizes square, all of which are available with border and versions without a border, that can be plastered into the ceiling. First, you place the frame, then the light module which can have a fixed or adjustable angle, then you place the inset (reflector). We have multiple inset options in different shapes, colours and also a wall washer model.

The beauty of this series is that you can first place the frame and install the rest later. You can also change insets whenever is needed, to create a different atmosphere or light image.