An ever-growing range of high-quality lighting products, engineered to your demands.

Thanks to our stock and assembly in the Netherlands, we are able to cut down on delivery time and meet the deadlines of your projects.

Neo Modern Simplicity

The simplicity of this sleek design gives the Neo series a luxurious appearance. High-quality finished, with an eye for detail. And by designing the recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaires in the same style, you create peace and unity in the different spaces.

Here you can find more information about the Neo and see the rest of the fixtures.

Versa Modular Downlight Series

The Versa downlight series offers flexibility that suits any creative mindset and the technically daring designer with the wide array of different combinations, sizes and shapes.

So many options in fact that we had to make a configurator, which you can see here

Arcano 48V Modular Track System

The range of products under nuudo vary from highly modular and flexible 48V track system, which offer lineair, spots and pendant fixtures with a series of different optics and accessories.

Modular and customizability is the basics and foundation in the 48V track system.

Pandion Series

The efficient Pandion range radiates elegance and minimalism. This new nuudo. luminaire is enriched with impressive colour rendering and provides the highest level of comfort, fully showcasing the Pandion’s minimalist design.